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Karen & Ken :: Engaged! :: Raleigh Wedding Photography

I love love LOVE hearing how our couples met and I love it even more when we can incorporate their story into their engagement shoot. Photographing Karen and Ken at the Fainting Goat Brewery, the same place that they met just a couple of years ago was absolutely magical! We are counting down the days until their Fall wedding at the Preston Woodall House because we can't wait to get them in front of our cameras again for more laughs and more magic.

I hope you enjoyed these Fainting Goat Brewery engagement photos. Do you know Karen and Ken? Show them some love by commenting below! Keep reading to see some more beautiful images from this shoot and hear a little more about the beginning of Karen and Ken’s love story.

How did the two of you meet?

One night in December of 2016, Karen was at the Fainting Goat Brewery with friends and family for music bingo. Kenny was driving past and something just told him to stop in. (He had never been there before.) He knew one of the people at the table, but the only seat was next to Karen. She helped him with 70s, 80s, and classic rock categories and he helped her with country. The rest is romantic history.

Tell us about the proposal

Halloween is Karen's favorite holiday. Originally, Kenny planned to propose at the American Legion Halloween party. He was going to have them play "What's Mine Is Yours" by Kane Brown, and when it talks about taking a ring he was going to get down on one knee and ask. But then the Legion said there may not be a party, so Kenny had to come up with Plan B. Busch Gardens' "Hall-o-scream" seemed like that perfect plan. It was raining, misty, and cold, and he was looking and waiting for the perfect spot. Every time the right moment came, Karen would dart away to something else. (Squirrel!) Finally he couldn't take it anymore, and asked her in front of a fountain and haunted mansion. It was late, everyone was exhausted, and it was loud and jam packed, but when he asked Karen to be his wife it was totally perfect.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in your life-after-marriage together?

Spending the rest of our lives being goofy and having weird adventures together.

What do you both enjoy doing together with your free time?

We both enjoy going to music bingo/trivia, playing darts, traveling, going to car shows, or just relaxing and binge watching TV.

What is your favorite memory together?

We both had Hawaii on our bucket list to visit, and we were able to make that happen. Spent a wonderful week on the island of Kauai. While there, we went to a coffee plantation. As neither can survive without it, seeing the hundreds of plants and being able to sample 30 were we in heaven. We also had to navigate the streets and dodge wild pigs and chickens. They were everywhere.

If you could both relocate anywhere in the world – where would it be?

Kenny says..."where ever my honey goes!" For Karen, that would have to be Ireland or Scotland. (Kenny's family is Irish, while Karen is of Scottish descent.) A stone cottage by the sea or a lake with room to have all manner of critters would be the ultimate dream come true.


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