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Meet The Team


Adrian "AO" Outlaw 

Cinematographer, Photographer, Educator, Editor, Husband and Father

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Pho

Jennifer "JO" Outlaw


Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor Story-teller, lover of Harry Potter, Wife and Mother


Jaxson & Justice Outlaw


Second Shooters in training, up-in-coming you-tubers, the most adorable distractions you will ever meet, Brothers and Best Friends


Adrian and I believe that photography and videography tells a story about who we are, and the art of that should capture the most raw and authentic seasons of your life. We love to work with brides and grooms that are passionate about their wedding photography and videography, helping them in any way we can to ensure they are going to throw an amazing party for their family and friends AND have the amazing photos and video to prove it.

We are parents of two young boys that are full of energy as well as creative business owners. We are a little bit of a mess sometimes, but we are loyal friends who feel things deeply.  We know that when you are looking for a photographer and videographer you are trusting another person with your memories. As parents, telling your authentic story is profoundly important to us.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. We love getting to share our family and our heart with you. We hope to get to know your story too.

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