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Chad & Ashley :: Engaged! :: Raleigh Wedding Photographer

NC State University Engagement Photos by Raleigh Wedding Photographer AO&JO Photography & Videography

The weather has been just gorgeous here in North Carolina and we have been taking full advantage. Ashley and Chad have been dating since they met back when they were both attending NC State University so of course we decided to do their engagement session on NC State's GORGEOUS campus. Between the many different landmarks that scream NC State like the Bell Tower and the brickyard the grounds itself are filled with luscious trees and gorgeous blooms. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with Ashley and Chad and get to know them a little better. If their wedding in August at the Preston Woodall House is going to be anything like their engagement session we are in for a treat. Scroll down to learn a little bit more about this adorable couple's love story and see a few of our favorites from their engagement session.

How did the two of you meet?

It is amazing how people cross paths several times before they ever actually meet. After dating for several months, we realized that their were several occasions where we were at the same place at the same time, but never actually met. One of our first path's crossing was in high school. I (Ashley) actually visited the farm that Chad worked at, to look at show cattle for livestock judging. Even though he came out of the barn to talk, it was all in passing. We later discovered that we had been at the same FFA Competitions, football games, mutual friends apartments in college and even in the same classes. However, we never actually knew each other. We officially became friends during Chad's senior year and my junior year at NC State. We both were in Soil Science. We ended up sitting with our mutual friend, Lakean, in class and that's were our story begins. Chad refused to sit in any seat, but the end seat and I had a lovely habit of missing the bus to class and running in at the last minute. Needless to say even in my sweatpants, hoodie, messy bun and having to make him move everyday to get to my seat he still asked me out a few months later.

Chad then began student teaching at my old high school, Rosewood. I would make time on my way home to stop by and visit Chad. One night Chad and I were talking on Facebook chat. Before signing off he gave me his number and said "I'm getting off here, but if you want to text me you can." From there it's all history, we texted for several months and in May of 2012, Chad asked me out on our first date. We joke, because we don't remember what day it was, where we went, or if this was when we officially began dating, but it was the start of our many dates, adventures and travels. After several trips to Disney, working together, traveling to Indy Chad and I made our status "Facebook official" in December 2013. Since then we have moved in with one another, worked at Corinth Holders together, adopted a dog, continued our travels (to DC, Chicago, Orlando, White Lake, Emerald Isle, etc.), and many other life events.

Tell us about the proposal

I was completely caught off guard! Brad and Sarah (Chad's Brother & Sister-in-Law) had come home for the Labor Day weekend. Because we would all be in the same location, Chad's Mom wanted to take family pictures at White Lake. We had all picked out our outfits, got ready and headed out to the pier. When we got out on the pier, I had a brief thought of, "This would be a cute place for Chad to propose, but that's not happening any time soon." But it quickly passed! We began with couple pictures, Chad's extended family had come to the lake to help take pictures of the family (well at least that is what I thought.) I went to stand on Chad's right side, but after he claimed that was his better side, I moved to the left (as it turns out, that was the pocket the ring was in.) Chad and I were standing there taking our picture and next thing I know he was on one knee. I was in shock, I wasn't expecting him to propose at all! I heard the first 14 words he said to me, "I love you, I have loved you since the first day I met you" and I blanked out... I don't even remember hearing him ask, "Will you marry me?" Never the less, I said yes!! We weren't really taking family pictures! It was all a ploy to get us down to the pier. I was so in shock, it was so unexpected and I had to tell! So of course the phone calls began!

What’s something annoying but cute that each of you do?

Chad's Response - Sing & Dance

Ashley's Response - Hiding randomly in the house and jumping out at random times to scare me.

What do you both enjoy doing together with your free time?

We love working with livestock, most of our free time is spent on our small farm tending to the goats, lambs, and cows. If we aren't working on the farm, you will most likely find us helping each other on various projects at our schools (because we are a teacher/AP) or just napping.

What is your favorite memory together?

Chad's Response: Traveling to new locations neither of us have been to. When we go to new places like Disneyworld, Chicago, DC, International Livestock Shows - Ashley is the planner, I am the keep Ashley focused. If not Ashley would stay at one location all day, taking pictures, staring, waiting in line, walking aimlessly, etc. We have countless numbers of pictures uploaded on shutterfly because of this and try to make travel books to remember the trips.

Ashley's Response: I'd go with New Year's. Every new years that we have been together we have done something unique and fun. Our first New Years together we spent it in Disney. We shared an awkward hug because we hadn't had our first kiss yet. The next year we went and saw a movie (because downtown Raleigh was to crowded) and Chad was so worried we wouldn't make it to our destination in time for our first kiss. The last two years of been rung in the years with each of our families which is nice because we are such family people.

If you could both relocate anywhere in the world – where would it be?

We probably will not ever leave Johnston County. Especially because Ashley moved here, but if we could relocate anywhere in the world it would probably be to the midwest and own acres of acres of land, with a ranch house.

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