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Leigh & BJ :: Engaged :: Raleigh Wedding Photography

Raleigh Wedding Photography by AO&JO Photography

We couldn't have asked for a more GORGEOUS night here in Raleigh to do Leigh and BJ's engagement sessions. The weather here this month as been like most August's in North Carolina...HOT and HUMID, but tonight was just perfect. It was warm, but not so warm you felt like you needed a shower after being outside for more than 5 minutes and the sunset was beautiful. When we asked BJ and Leigh if they had any ideas as to where they wanted to do their shoot they chose JC Raulston Arboretum, one of my favorite spots to shoot in the area becuase it has so many different areas that all can look so different and unique. I hope you enjoy a few of our favorites from their engagement session. Be on the look out for their wedding that will be at the Oaks at Salem in November. Read more about BJ & Leigh's love story below.

How did the two of you meet?

BJ and I met in Myrtle Beach. He was speaking with some friends of mine and I thought, cute guy, and went over to be introduced. We hung out the rest of the night, getting to know each other. We agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning before heading home to our different cities, after he walked me to my room.

Tell us about the proposal

BJ proposed to me New Years Eve. I stressed him out because I couldn't decide until the last minute if I wanted to stay in or go out. In the days leading up to New Years Eve he had to create a "reason" to go back to Greenville to get the ring (he told me he had to help his Mom clean up her storage barn). We had a wonderful dinner of steak, twice baked potatoes, broccoli and bread. We also had dessert (not something I have much of anymore). To bring in the New Year, we poured champagne and at midnight he proposed in the kitchen between the laundry area and the pantry.

What’s something annoying but cute that each of you do?

BJ - that Leigh follows me around when cooking and puts things up while I am still using them. Leigh - I just find things he does cute. He rolls his tongue out and up when he is concentrating. He can completely get into his PS4 or online searches (similar to a rabbit hole for him). And I love that he can back up any argument/statement he makes (I guess that an be annoying at times!).

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in your life-after-marriage together?

Time together, growing together, future purchase of our home.

What do you both enjoy doing together with your free time?

We enjoy visiting museums (history is a favorite), watching movies and some TV, traveling and just enjoying new experiences together. We also enjoy our annual trip to the NC State Fair.

What is your favorite memory together?

Leigh - my favorite memory is when we went to Carolina Beach in mid-March a few years ago and flew a kite on the beach. Kite flying was the sole purpose for going that weekend. BJ - my favorite memory is when we walked to White Oak Canyon Falls in the Shenandoah National Forest last fall and the look on Leigh's face. She had been wanting to hike up to it for the last several years, but had been physically unable too. Although it was physically challenging for me (I stopped, told her to go on and she went maybe 30 yards and called back that she could see the Falls), the look on her face was worth every challenge. Together - We traveled to Graves Mountain Lodge in Virginia one August for vacation. The whole weekend was wonderful, from a closing run through Walmart due to forgotten clothing items, to seeing a bear walk by, about 50 from us, as we sat on the porch of our room. Due to trying to get a picture of the bear, we locked ourselves out of our room. As it was past closing for the main lodge, we could not get a second key, so we created a "ladder" out of the patio furniture - table and 2 rocking chairs, for BJ to use to climb into the open bathroom window that was very high!

If you could both relocate anywhere in the world – where would it be?

We joke (maybe not so jokingly sometimes) about retiring to Ecuador or Belize. London looks good too, for it's ease of travel between other European countries (we both love exploring historical places).

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