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  • Jennifer M. Outlaw

7 Reasons that you should definitely go to a Bridal Show

Whether you just got engaged yesterday, you have been planning your wedding for a while now or you just LOVE everything that is weddings a bridal show is the place to be and let me tell you why…


Where else will you be able to find so many of the triangle’s best wedding professionals all under one roof? At the show you will have the ability to interview and compare multiple photographers, videographers, bakers, DJs, caterers, venues, etc. all in one afternoon instead of wasting hours and hours scouring google looking at websites, sending e-mails and waiting for replies.


The vendors that you choose to work with on you wedding will be with you for the long haul. Many of your vendors like your photographer, planner and florist; you will be spending many hours with in the planning of your big day. Having a good personal connection and making sure you will work well together will go a long way in ensuring a smooth wedding planning process. At the show you will be able to meet face to face with the vendor, see samples of their work in person and get answers to your questions right away.


Who doesn’t like saving money? NO ONE! Take advantage of the opportunity to save big at the bridal show. If you do a little bit of on-line research and plan ahead you can find out what the vendors you are most interested in working with are offering at the show and score an awesome deal on a vendor you were planning on booking anyway. If you don’t see anything about a show promotion from a certain vendor don’t be afraid to ask.


Pens, trinkets, food, wedding cake, cupcakes…you will be amazed at all the wedding “swag” you will get at the show. But make sure you behave yourself, don’t take a handful. And talk to the vendor to at least hear what they have to say. Even if you don’t hire them you never know when someone else you know may need their services.


Just like saving money, who doesn’t like winning stuff? NO ONE! Many vendors offer show giveaways and promotions to potential couples who visit their booths. You can win everything from photography sessions to DJ services. You can’t win if you don’t enter so bring some labels with your information on it and enter away!!!


With so many of the top wedding professionals in the area all in the same room there will no doubt be tons and tons of inspirations for you everywhere you look. The best vendors are usually up-to-date with the ever changing wedding industry. Many bridal shows also include a fashion show which will show the latest trends in wedding attire for you, your fiancé and the entire wedding party.

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON TO ATTEND A BRIDAL SHOW HAVE FUN!!! Take your mom, maid of honor or bridesmaids and make a day out of it!!! You are engaged…enjoy it!

Be on the look out for bridal showcases in your area. Forever Bridal and Southern Bride and Groom are two great resources in the North Carolina area.

If you are engaged and looking for a photographer and/or videographer for your wedding day send us an e-mail We would love to chat with you!!

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