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What is the #1 thing Brides regret after their wedding?

I was reading an article on the Knot a few months ago and they had asked a panel of newlyweds their thoughts on wedding it a must have or a maybe? We talk to so many couples who just don't think they need or want video...and then they see ours. It's a definite must have. Pictures are great and video brings all that emotion of the day to life. Just imagine HEARING your husband say your vows to you all over again and seeing your grandmother dancing on the dance floor. Pictures are a must but so is video.

PRESS PLAY and watch this highlight video of some of our favorite weddings. If this doesn't convince you how important video is read some of the comments below from our past clients.

Here is what a few of our past clients said after reading this article:

Jamey Christie Snide

Great article! I agree with all those comments. I know our big day will pass by so quickly and having a video of all our special wedding moments is sure to be a priceless and timeless gift! Trey and I will treasure our video by AO&JO for always, and hope to pass it down to our children one day! Our engagement video was stunning and we can't wait to see the wedding video!

Pam Winders McCain

Our daughter and son in law chose to have AO&JO video their wedding weekend. I know now they wouldn't trade it for anything and I wouldn't either. It has been so much fun to watch and share the videos and relive the excitement of such an important day. As the mother of the bride, I couldn't be everywhere at once so I've especially enjoyed seeing things that I didn't get to see on the wedding day (and to see it "living, breathing, moving"). It is a sweet treasure having the vows, blessings, toasts and kind words captured along with all the fun. I know the video will become more valuable as the years go by. I know I treasure my own wedding video from 25 yrs ago more today than ever before. So much time and effort is poured into planning your wedding so DON"T MISS THE CHANCE TO CAPTURE YOUR WEDDING ON VIDEO!

Lori Page Clay

I totally would put getting a video of the day and events at the top of the list of "to-do's"! AO&JO did my daughters wedding day and I cannot thank them enough for capturing each and every moment throughout the day. We relive that special day every time we watch the DVD. There are so many things that went on that I missed and I was able to see it in the video - so much I had no idea was happening behind the scenes. I don't know how they get so much without being in the way or being distracting. I have watched it numerous times and still tear up every time - the images and music are amazing! AO&JO - thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing my daughters fairy tale day so perfectly - We have received many compliments from family and friends and will definitely recommend you to others.

Emily Mangini

Wonderful article! It was a last minute decision for us to have video. I didn't really consider adding that into the budget because i thought the pictures would be enough. Once our video was complete and I got to relive my wedding day with my husband, I knew that was the BEST decision. It's our entire day combined into about 20 mins. Speeches, vows, letters to each other, dancing, laughter and tears. Thank you Adrian and Jennifer for making us an amazing video to show our kids someday!

Devin M Terrell

Wow, having a video of one of what i would say the most Magical day in our life to reflect on is wonderful. We've been married for a year now and everyone wants to watch it when they come over and yes we laugh and cry every time. Sometimes when its playing I walk away so they cant see me cry,lol Our wedding video is something we can leave behind for the kids so the will know what love means and what it looks like. And man the party on film was amazing. I love everything you guys did for us. Thanks

Allison Caspar

My husband and I had a very small wedding (parents only) and I too didn't think a video was necessary. Boy was I wrong. The video that Jennifer and Adrian put together for us absolutely took my breath away. I couldn't be happier with my decision to have one. They were so creative with the shots and I felt like I was watching a movie. I think a video is definitely a must for a tiny wedding like ours, to a big wedding like others. Every time I show the video to a friend tears are always streaming. It was a great way to have other family and friends that weren't there for the ceremony to really get to live it with us. Thanks again for the great work!!!

Here is a link to the article on The Knot if you would like to read it.

If you are looking for someone to preserve your special day for you on video please send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you at

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