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Michele + Colleen :: Engaged :: North Carolina Engagement Photos

North Carolina Engagement Photos by AO&JO Photography

Who doesn’t love an engagement session that incorporates a couples favorite things? Michele & Colleen’s engagement photos were so much fun. We really got to know so much about them in just a couple hours. They chose to do their engagement session at their home in Selma since it they had bought it together and of course they were very excited about it. They also had some fur-babies and feather-babies that they wanted involved in the shoot. We have done shoots before with dogs, but birds were definitely a first for us.

In addition to all of their pets they also wanted to include Colleen’s purple Dodge Charger and her purple Harley which Michele loves to be on the back of. After spending the afternoon with these two ladies in their home with their adorable little family and capturing some great moments between these two, I’m definitely excited to not only share these images but am so excited to photograph their wedding this spring! Read more about this couple below.

How did the two of you meet?

We met on an online dating site. Being two NJ girls we had plenty to talk about, but never ended up meeting before Colleen's profile disappeared. One year later, she made a reappearance, and Michele was still her top listed match, so she awkwardly started conversation again. Michele didn't find it awkward and was happy to meet, but wasn't really thinking of it as a date since the two lived an hour apart. Eventually Michele wised up, and they realized they were meant to be!

Tell us about the proposal

We planned a housewarming party a couple months after purchasing our first home together. Once Michele realized how many family members were going to be joining us she decided this would be the perfect opportunity for a proposal, since we had already been discussing marriage for a while. She called Colleen's parents and then set it all in motion. Our families went out to dinner the night before our housewarming party, and after returning home Michele said she had planned a scavenger hunt for everybody. She handed out clues, which actually just sent the others to grab signs that Colleen's mom had printed out. Michele joined Colleen in the bedroom for her part of the scavenger hunt finding photo collages of their early dates and eventually putting together a poster with photo memories leading up to the present time. Michele then took her out to where the other family members were waiting with a video camera and signs "Colleen, will you marry me?" and got down on her knee. Family joy commenced! A couple weeks later Colleen surprised Michele with her ring at their favorite restaurant way before Michele thought Colleen had the time to special order a ring for her really tiny finger!

What do you enjoy doing together in your free time?

We love animals, and can't seem to stop opening our hearts to more furry/feathery love! We have spent free time bringing in more animals, but we have to stop that for a while! We spend lots of time cuddling with our pets and teaching the birds to talk! Colleen steals all of Ducky's cuddles!

What is your favorite memory together?

One of Michele's favorite memories is receiving her one-year anniversary gift from Colleen. It is a beautiful box with things in it from every date from the first year. So this favorite memory is of lots of memories! Ironically, one of Colleen's favorite memories was giving this box to Michele. Seeing her tear up and get emotional over it showed appreciation, and brought us closer together.

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