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Betsy + Donn's Wedding l Caffe Luna l Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer


I knew Betsy and Donn were going to be a fun couple after the first time we met that. Betsy is a huge originally from Mass and a huge Red Sox fan. I am originally from CT and also a huge Red Sox fan. For this reason alone I wanted to do their wedding for free, but they insisted on paying, lol. We have really enjoyed getting to know Betsy and Donn over the past couple months and were so excited for their big day to finally arrive.

They had both their ceremony and reception at Caffe Luna in downtown Raleigh. It is a beautiful venue for a very intimate engagement. The food was absolutely amazing. They decided to do a buffet style dinner and the food just never seemed to end. I am more than half Italian so the food brought me back to when I grew up and my grandmother would cook Sunday dinner. Oh and the cream puffs!!!!!! TO DIE FOR!

But anyways...we weren't their to eat we were their for a wedding, lol. Betsy and Donn's wedding was filled with tons of fun! Lots of family and friends all with kind words to wis them well, lots of dancing to GREAT MUSIC (can you say Drop Kick Murphy's!!!) and of course Karyoke. Karyoke is fun in itself but when the bride and the groom sing songs to each other it is that much better. They ended the night with a sparkler exit to a private rickshaw ride for two.

If you want to see more of Betsy & Donn's big day PRESS PLAY below to see their TWO wedding videos. In addition to a regular feature film they also added a music video style MARRY-OKE video which you can't stop smiling the entire time you are watching.

Betsy & Donn's Marryoke Video

Betsy & Donn's Wedding Film

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