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  • Jennifer M. Outlaw

Ashley & Chad :: Married! :: Preston Woodall House Wedding Photos

I have to brag on Ashley a little bit. She was one of the sweetest most thoughtful brides we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Seriously I could make a list a mile long about how great she was. Didn't get stressed or frazzled once. She was just a go with the flow kind of bride, happy to be marrying Chad and I think excited for the honeymoon too. I mean she wore a mustache during the first look to make sure to give Chad a good laugh. After the first look we took the most gorgeous portraits, filled with so much love and laughter. Their ceremony was sweet as their friends and family gathered in the garden to witness their "I do's". The rest of the evening was flawless thanks to the planning of the Preston Woodall House staff and the amazing entertainment of Ultra Mix Events.

Congrats Ashley & Chad! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Keep reading to hear more about Ashley and Chad's special day and to see some of our favorite images from the day as well.


What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

I would say the most important thing was the venue that fit us - personality and size! With the size of our wedding, it became hard to find a venue that was just right for us. However, making the decision to go with an all inclusive venue saved a lot of the headache. It is a lot of cost upfront, however I would definitely say this was what made our wedding planning process so amazing! They did a lot to help ensure we didn't forget anything during the wedding process and they helped with ordering tables, chairs, linens, caterers, etc. so we didn't have that stress throughout it all.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

When we walked in, we just knew Preston Woodall House was the place! Not only is the house itself absolutely stunning, but Nick, DJ and Joel were great to work with! From the moment we called to tour they made us fill welcome and apart of the family. They made everything easy from the start and they ensure that every wedding is perfect and unlike the last.

Describe the ceremony, what made it unique/special

Well, I (Ashley) cried before I even walked down the isle. I kept it together all day and I was just so excited when the moment came I couldn't quit - so of course that makes for some lovely pictures. However, as soon as I saw Chad it all stopped - funny how that works.

Other things about our ceremony that were special is they laying of the white roses for Chad's Grandparents, Ashley's mother giving her away, the Sand Ceremony and of course "The Love Train" going by during the ceremony.

I honestly think this was probably the funniest and most memorable things about our ceremony. Most brides would probably be upset by a train going by in the middle of their ceremony, but for us it was only fitting. For anyone who knows us, they know we never get anywhere on time - including weddings. Even though we were on time to our own wedding, It just so happened that the 4:00 train happened to be running late and went through during our ceremony.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme/style?

We ultimately wanted our wedding to be us when you walked in. Our venue was gorgeous without a lot of decoration, so we didn't want to add to much! We didn't want a lot of flash. We didn't want big centerpieces because we wanted people to be able to enjoy those sitting at their table. We wanted simple, so we stuck with simple with just a hint of southern charm.

Describe the flowers used for floral arrangements

I am an Ag teacher and used fake flowers for some of our arrangements. My bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres and ferns were the only real flowers I had. In my bouquet I used and they were white and pink roses with baby breathe. Honestly, I love real flowers. However, flowers are the one area I decided to save in my budget. The reason I used fake flowers is because I would not get to enjoy the beauty of them once we left for our honeymoon. I didn't want to spend loads of money on something that people wouldn't remember or even I wouldn't remember 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

Describe the favors for guests

We gave our guest cow bells, glow sticks and coozies. We own a small farm so it only seemed fitting to include items that were unique to us and fun keepsakes for others to have.

What was the inspiration of your wedding cake?

We wanted something simple. We included our monogram on our cake as a way to show the coming together of two individuals into one.

First Dance Song

Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Favorite Menu Item

It was all so good! It's a tie between the Dijon Chicken and the Sirloin Steak!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

Our entire wedding was amazing and just what we wanted. We were surrounded by so many family and friends. The day was perfect! We made sure to take a step back several times throughout the day and take it all in so we wouldn't forget it. I would say that our favorite memory from the wedding was being able to share the special anniversary with my (Ashley) grandparents. Choosing to get married on my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary made it special, but also a great influence to model our marriage after.

Describe the reception, what made it unique/special

Who doesn't love a good reception!? From delicious food, funny speeches, cake smashing and dancing - it was a blast!

During the reception one thing we did unique was a bouquet dedication. Instead of calling all the single ladies and gentlemen to the dance floor, we decided it would be more special to dedicate the bouquet to my grandmother. As I mentioned, we were sharing our wedding anniversary with her. The 50th is a huge mile stone and we didn't want it to get lost in our big day. I dedicated my bouquet to her. I chose to have their first dance song playing throughout the dedication "I can't help falling in love with you" by Elvis, so that my grandparents could share a special dance after the dedication. Chad and I then joined them for a short period of time and then gave the spotlight back to them.

How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day to your children one day?

Serenity and perfection! Our wedding day was absolutely what we wanted it to be. I can't even think of things we would go back and change. We were able to take our time throughout the day, enjoy time with those who were in attendance, and have a blast!

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