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  • Jennifer M. Outlaw

Hiren & Bhumi :: Married! :: NC Wedding Photography

One of the many things I love about my job as a Raleigh Wedding Photographer is that I get to experience so many different cultures and traditions. Even within ceremonies of the same religion no two weddings are the same. Hiren and Bhumi's wedding was rich in culture and color. I loved learning about all the different parts of the ceremony and what they meant to them. It is really special how it is all passed down through the families and it seems each generation puts their own little twist on things.

Hiren and Bhumi had a pretty traditional Indian ceremony two different days of festivities. The first night they celebrated separately and the second day the two families came together to witness their marriage. Hiren and Bhumi decided that they wanted to a first look at Crabtree Lake, the place where we did their engagement photos and where they had their first date. They knew that once the ceremony started there would not be any time for picures with just the two of them and that wasvery important to them so we got up extra early (Bhumi started getting ready at 3am!!!) to make sure we were able to get them done.

Congrats Hiren & Bhumi! Thank you for allowing AO&JO Photography to be a part of your special day!

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