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Eric & Jen :: Married! :: The Hall at Landmark Wedding Photography

The Hall at Landmark Wedding Photography by Raleigh Wedding Photographer AO&JO Photography & Videography

We are always excited to shoot at a new venue and though we have attended a wedding at The Hall at Landmark until Eric & Jen's October wedding we had yet to shoot a wedding there. So of course we were even more excited about their wedding. The Hall at Landmark is located in Garner, NC and is uniquely designed in the French Chateau style reminiscent of Biltmore House & The Palace of Versailles. What makes this venue so great is that it has options for both an indoor reception as well as beautiful gardens for an outdoor ceremony. It also has areas for both bride and groom to get ready on-site which always makes things so much easier. The guys room is just that. With floor to ceiling wood paneling, a wet bar and rich leather furniture all the guys will love hanging out in there before the festivities begin. Adrian & I truly enjoyed getting to know Jen and Eric through out the entire engagement process...from their Harry Potter themed engagement photos in the waterfront in Downtown Wilmington all the way to their Star Wars light saber exit.

Keep reading to hear a little bit more about Eric and Jen's wedding day from the couple as well as a few of our favorite images of course!

Raleigh Wedding Photography by Raleigh Wedding Photographer AO&JO Photography & Videography

First Dance Song

My Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Favorite Menu Item

Cake :)

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Making sure that both the bride and the groom were happy with how things would work from start to finish, wanting to give everyone a great time and keep people happy.

Flowers were a mix of blues, reds and purples put into a glass face with decorative rings and filled with glass beads both clear and colored that reflected the light put inside.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

Since we didnt have the budget for Biltmore, it gave that atmosphere of regal and palace type setting and that is what we loved about it.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

Can we say everything? Lol. For Eric, it was seeing Jen first appearing and walking down the aisle.

Describe the ceremony, what made it unique/special

The vows, they were a mix of traditional with new things mixed in, something special to both of us to be able to say to one another and pledge our lives to each other.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme/style?

We wanted a regal theme over all but with the underlying theme of movies as we are both movie lovers

Detail any cultural elements you incorporated into your wedding

Jen's relatives did a Czech toast for health and happiness for us during the reception

Describe the reception, what made it unique/special

The best thing about the reception were the guests who were there. It was a dream come true to have so many loved ones in one place, something that we never get to experience outside of that.

What was the inspiration of your wedding cake?

We wanted everyone to have more than just a small slice of cake, so we decided on cupcakes, more cake for the buck and easier to handle

How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day to your children one day?

Honestly it's indescribeable how amazing everything felt. It truly was like a dream, a dream we didnt want to wake from

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