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Michele + Colleen {Wedding Film} :: Married at The Siena Hotel :: NC Wedding Videographer / NC Weddi

We are thrilled to be able to share a GORGEOUS wedding day featuring The Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC! With it's distinct European character inspired by the beauty of Italy, this upscale boutique hotel was the perfect location for Michele and Colleen's glamorous purple wedding day. Though the day started off a little dreary, by the time the ceremony was about to start the sun pushed it's way though the clouds to make for the perfectly sunny, golden afternoon for these two lovely brides. So in love, and with so much laughter and love from their family and friends their entire wedding affair was like that of a romantic comedy.

It was very important to Michele and Colleen that they incorporate both their Catholic and Jewish upbringings into their ceremony to make something that was truly unique and special to only them. We are so thankful to have be able to be apart of their special day and to now share it with all of you.

Here is their short film, for you to experience the beauty of their day through our offerings of luxury cinematography. We appreciate that Michele and Colleen chose us at AO&JO Photography & Videography​ to create their wedding film for them.

After you enjoy the film, read a little bit more from the brides below.

First Dance Song

She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert

Favorite Menu Item

THE CAKE! But from the Siena Hotel menu, we'll have to go with the scallops.

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Having a photographer/venue who knows how to handle a wedding with two feminine brides without treating one as the "man".

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme/style?

We both love purple and wanted a wedding that you would find in New Jersey. Little did we know we ended up having a bit of an animal/pet theme, after incorporating our pets into the wedding cake and having elephants everywhere else. We guess that our love of all things furry and feathery just shone through!

Detail any cultural elements you incorporated into your wedding

We wanted to merge Michele's Jewish heritage and Colleen's Catholic upbringing by having a Chuppa, breaking of the glass and Hora (chair lifting / circle dance) for Michele and having the memory candles and passage reading for Colleen.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

Michele's favorite memory is seeing Colleen walking down the aisle and the toasts. Colleen's favorite memory is the entire ceremony (she can't narrow it down! It was beautiful), the Hora and also the toasts (specifically Jessie's - it made her tear up, but she loved all of them!).

Now that your wedding is done, tell us something that all those Brides-to-be out there should know.

It will all come together, if you are planning it on your own there will be a magic moment during the wedding that you'll see it all line up perfectly - try not to stress! The vendors are professional (but make sure you're comfortable with them) and they know how to do their job! Also don't let anyone influence how you spend / where you spend your money. If you want the best vendor for one thing, but don't care about another, that's ok! It's your wedding! Lastly, we were given the advice to remember, during the reception, to take a step back and look at everyone that is there for you. Breath in, and enjoy your day!

The Creative Team


Raleigh Wedding Video by Raleigh Wedding Videographer AO&JO Photography & Videography

If you would like to learn how you can have a wedding film created by AO&JO Photography & Videography, we encourage you to send me a message today. If you're not sure about all of your weddings plans, it's never too early to check your date. We love to meet a bride-to-be who is excited about and cares deeply about having a gorgeous wedding film!

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