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Jessica & Justin's Wedding l Barclay Villa l Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer

We met Jessie and her mom last spring and we knew from the start that they were definitly OUR CLIENTS. Just after talking with Vickie, Jessie's mom for a few moments we knew that having beautiful pictures of her daughters wedding were extremely important to her and she understood that they were an investment worth making.

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-10.jpg

We are so excited for their big day to finally be here and that it wasn't raining. The great thing about having your wedding at such a beautiful place as Barclay Villa is that you really don't need to do much in the way of decorating, but that did not stop Jessie from making this her very own castle for today. Jeffrey's Florist did an exquiste job with the flowers and decor along with their planner Drema Joyce of In Your Dreams by Drema. It was a day fitting for a princess marrying her handsome prince.

Jessie and Justin like the idea of a first look but didn't Justin didn't really want to see Jessie until THAT moment when she came down the aisle. They just wanted to have a special moment between the two of them before every thing started. So we chose to do this on the balcony outside the bridal suite that overlooks one of the two pools at Barclay. We blindfolded Justin and had Jessie come up to him and whisper is his ear. It was such a sweet moment that I am sure that they will cherish.

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-3.jpg

Even though it was a bit chilly outside they had their ceremony outside in the gardens. The florals that lined the aisle along with floating candles and hanging crystals were beautiful. Since the wedding was in November they chose fall looking florals and brown peacock feathers to accent the peices.

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-237.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-164.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-152.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-345.jpg

The bridal party party was not just in one color but all in different colors with each bridesmaid having a groomsman that wore a vest matching the color of her dress. I am terrible with names of bridal party members so this made it ideal for me when doing the portrait session wit the large bridal party by saying colors in order to pose everyone, lol. The only issue came with Mr. Green. Jessie's last name is Greene and her brother was a member of the bridal party but wasn't wearing green. It made for some great laughs that also made for some great images.

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-8.jpg

Of course getting married in a castle, they had a fairytale-cinderella theme going for the day. The ballroom was nothing less than fit for a princess and their adorable cake was topped with a custom cake topper with their name as well as a silhouette of the two of them and their dog Toby (Jessie said she got it on Etsy).

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-657.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-7.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-737.jpg

Here are just a few more images from Jessie & Justin's Happily Ever After.

AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-5.jpg
AOJOPhotography (Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer)-15.jpg

Here are just a few more images from Jessie & Justin's Happily Ever After. Still want more of Jessie & Justin's fairytale PRESS PLAY and watch their Hollywood Style Trailer as well as their Feature Film (all filmed and produced by AO&JO Films)

Hollywood Style Trailer that was put up 72hrs after their wedding! Facebook was going crazy once we put this up!

Check out their feature film to relive the entire fairytale.

Still want more! Check out their slideshow from their big day.


Photography: AO&JO Photography (

Videography: AO&JO Films (www.AO&

Venue: Barclay Villa (

Planner/Coordinator: Drema Joyce of In Your Dreams by Drema (

Florist: Jeffrey's Florist (Dunn, NC 910-891-7000)

DJ: Justin Dean (

Caterer: Ron's Barn (

Bakery: Cakes by Kristen (

Make-up/Hair Stylist: Rebecca Strickland

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