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  • Jennifer M. Outlaw

Galatia's Bridal Session l Preston Woodall House l Benson, NC

I have this constant love/hate relationship with bridal portraits. I love them because it is a time that I have conplete control so that I can get a stunning portrait of the bride who is so excited because not only is this the first time she has seen herself with the dress on all done up, but her wedding day is right around the corner. You can see the excitement in a brides face during the bridal session and it is just so much fun to capture it. We make her feel like a super model for the day. There are no distractions that we encounter on the wedding day so all we have to do is focus on her. I HATE bridal portrait sessions because as I photographer I get alot of joy from seeing the reactions of others to my photography. I take these beautiful portraits and I can't share them with anyone for months!! It's like finding that perfect Christmas gift for your husband and constantly fighting the urge to just give it to him rather than wait until Christmas morning.

Well my "Christmas Morning" has finally arrived for Galatia's Bridal session. With her and John's stunning wedding in the books I can finally share a few images from her portrait session. The Preston Woodall House gives so many option for stunning photos everywhere you turn so Galatia had no shortage of beautiful images to choose from.

The image above was Galatia's favorite as it was also one of ours. Here are a few more that we loved as well.

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