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Jamey & Trey...The Perfect Catch l Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm l AO&JO Films

We met Jamie & Trey at the April Forever Bridal Show and just from talking with them for a few minutes we knew they were OUR CLIENTS. They were such a cute couple and had a great story. They had known each other since high school but not until years after they had graduated and experienced a common tragedy did a spark finally ignite. There was also a little facebook stalking involved on Trey's part if you hear Jamey tell the story.

A couple months back we met Trey and Jamey at Gregory Vineyards in Angier to record their love story. For those of you who aren't familiar with what an AO&JO Love Story is, during an engagement session we split the couple up and interview thm individually. We ask them the same series of questions and then splice it together to hear the couple tell the story of how they fell in love and what they are looking forward to in their future together.

It was during this love story shoot that we really got to know Jamey and Trey, not only how they met and how Trey proposed, but we got to han out with Chessie, their dog and learned that they played in a softball league together and were huge Atlanta Braves fans and just hug fans of baseball as well.

It was on the drive home that I came up with the concept for their movie poster. I don't like to share my ideas until they are actually put together especially when I have one that so perfectly fits the couple. So I had to calm my excitement for months even though Jamey kept asking me if I had ideas for the poster or what the name of their film would be. Needless to say we were very excited for their big day to finaly arrive in October.

This was our first time at Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm. This venue is absolutely breathe-taking and yes it is what is sounds like, a buffalo farm with real buffalo on it! I could have spent all day just filming these beautiful animals. The farm has a gazebo that is used for the ceremony which is surrounded by water and then a tent is set up for the reception. There is a house on the property where the bride and bridesmaids can get ready complete with a stuffed buffalo head on the wall. The venue itself was so beautiful and it really didn't need much decor, but Jamey did such a great job. This wedding was straight off of pintrest. Jamey had so many cute DIY projects that she used to make the venue HERS for the day.

Another thing that I learned during the taping of their love story was that Jamey was very close with her father and that Jamey and Trey did not want to do a first look. I thought it would be a great idea to still do a first look but with a twist. We set it up for Jamey and her father to do a first look. This was one of the most emotional first looks that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

The entire day was filled with emotion and unique components that showed the love that Jamey and Trey had for each other and their families. One of my favorite parts of the day was during the ceremony when Jamey and Trey did a hand-fasting ceremony. Their hands were tied together with a ribbon and did a reading talking about the meaning behind it.

Please enjoy their film. I really enjoyed making it. This is one of the most heart felt and emotional film I have had the pleasure to make. The love that Jamey and Trey have together is such a sweet one and I am so thankful that they found AO&JO to be the ones to tell their story.

We also made a trailer for Jamey & Trey. Our trailers are 1-2 min videos that we share within 72hrs from your wedding day. It is something like you would see on TV to get you excited about your film.

And finally here is Jamey & Trey's Love Story.


Videographer: AO&JO Films (

Venue: Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm (

Caterer: Gillis BBQ (

Music: Mike Ashworth (

Vocals: Pat Christie and Terri Gore

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