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A Soldier's Homecoming l RDU Airport l Arlene + Jeremy

Days like these are when I realize how much I LOVE my job. Being able to capture such important life moments for them is such a blessing and I could not be happier right now.I had such an awesome afternoon. I was able to be a part of a soldier's coming home from Afghanistan. He is not only a soldier but a father, a father who was reunited with his wife, 21 month old son and introduced to his 4 week old daughter. AO&JO Photography was lucky enough to capture it all on camera. What was probably the most moving part of it all was all the strangers that once they found out he was going to be coming home and seeing his family decided to wait with us in the airport and give him a huge round of applause and thank you as he hugged his family. Seriously, a GREAT afternoon.


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