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Engagement Session l WRAL Gardens l Downtown Raleigh l Shaunika + Samuel

When we were scouting out locations to do Shaunika and Samuel's engagement shoot we knew we were going to have to have their motorcycle involved. They actually both have bikes and ride, but I gelt like it would be more intimate to have them both on the same bike. We started off their session out at WRAL Gardens. This is not the best time of year to go out to the gardens. Don't get me wrong it was still beautiful, but I think had we gone their a week or two earlier it would have looked completely different with all the azaleas in bloom. This was my first time in the gardens and it was not what I expected. It is much smaller than I expected and it kind of reminds me of a maze with all it's paths that circle through the gardens.

For the second half of their shoot we headed downtown to do some more urban type shots on their motorcycle. Being that we also have a love of riding we had alot of fun with these shots. For those who have never riden there is something about being on the back of a bike with the man that you love at the handlebars, your arms wrapped around his waist, your body pressed up against's actually how I fell in love with Adrian. While I had a very hard time getting Samuel to smile for pictures while at the gardens. There were quite a few shots where he has a HUGE smile on his face. Now I know the wedding is supposed to be all about the bride, it is her day, but trust me if you can learn how to make her groom smile you will make her day that much better!

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