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Engagement Session l NC State University l Galatia + John

At our first meeting with Galatia and John they told us that they both had gone to State and immediately my mind started racing about an NC State Engagement shoot. I have not spent alot of time on State's campus but I was able to scout out some great spots along with the help of Galatia and John who knew the campus very well. They were nice enough to give us a bit of a tour as we walked to each location. I was a little nervous about going into the shoot though being that we planned it on the same day as their Graduation, but luckily we did it early enough that we did not see too much of a crowd because of it. NC State's campus is filled with brick because of an alum that donates a ton of bricks each year which made for a beautiful backdrop to so many pictures. I could have spent days with them just on the campus photographing at location after location. We are definitly going back to campus to wander around a bit.

After we finished up on campus we headed over to the rose garden to finish up the shoot. Roses, roses and more roses. It was so beautiful. Roses of all colors. When we do our two hour engagement shoots we try to choose two locations that are completely different from each other. This gives clients variety in the images they can choose from to decorate their home they are starting together.

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