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Engagement Session l Downtown Durham l Meghan & Chris

Weather is always a frustrating variable when scheduling outdoor photo shoots. You can fix lighting, you can change posing and your setting, but you can’t do anything about the weather. We tried to plan the shoot at noon hoping that with the sun high in the sky it would be somewhat warm. Our plan did not work out. COLD was an understatement, lol. There were moments of warmth, but for the most part it was pretty cold. Chris and Meghan were great sports though. You couldn’t tell how cold they were by looking at images so SUCCESS!

After we completed the outdoor part of the session we headed to a local gym which agreed to let us use their basketball court to do some more pics with a basketball since both Chris and Meghan are huge basketball fans. Since one of the goals of the engagement shoot was to have images to design a Save the Date, Meghan wrote their wedding date on the basketball that we used. I on the other hand had an idea for a movie poster going into the shoot, but I wanted it to be a surprise. I was so excited to make the “Love and Basketball” movie poster I had it finished and uploaded the next day. It feels so good when you give your clients something that they were not expecting and they absolutely LOVE!

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