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Engagement Session l Brick & Mortar Events l Toyia & Robert

Rain, Rain Go Away! The weather TRIED to put a damper on our plans for Toyia and Robert’s engagement session, but when you have a couple that travels to Raleigh from Washington, DC you’ve got to have a plan B. Toyia and Robert are having an Old Hollywood theme for their wedding so not only did we have to find a beautiful indoor location, we needed to find one that worked with the theme.

We were lucky enough to be able to use Brick & Mortar Events space. It is an open space with wood floors and brick walls, but what drew me to the location was the beautiful wooden bar. I thought we could definitely make this work for Old Hollywood. The staff was very accommodating to let us use their space even though they had an event later on that afternoon. It didn’t take long for Toyia and Robert to warm up to the camera. We had Toyia kissing her fiancé’s shadow, sitting on the bar drinking bourbon (aka sweet tea) smoking a long cigarette (aka a painted chop stick)…basically we just had a ball. Oh and before I forget, THANK YOU to Devin Terrell, Toyia’s sister aka Prop Designer for the props. The cigarette was made in the car on the way to the shoot, lol.

The next day the rain let up a little bit and we were able to head out to the park. We had a cold weather picnic complete with muffins, donut holes and hot chocolate.

We had so much fun with this couple we are can't wait for Toyia's bridal session in DC and of course the BIG DAY!!

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